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The Surety Association of Louisiana is a non-profit business association comprised of business professionals that specialize in the business of suretyship. Our membership is comprised of Underwriters, Bond Agents, Claims Personnel, CPA’s, Lawyers, Consulants, Bankers and Other Firms that consider themselves specialists in surety bonding. The object of our Association is to encourage sound underwriting, economics of operation and fair dealing between members and with the public by members engaged in the business of Corporate Suretyship. Further, our goal is to provide a medium for exchange of information among members and a resource for contract review.

Our Officers, consisting of the President, Vice President, Secretary-Treasurer, and Legal Affairs, are volunteers that are elected on an annual basis. Regular meetings of the Association are held on a quarterly basis, including additional networking events throughout the year. As a benefit to our members, our Officers have the ability to review contracts and bond forms in order to give a professional opinion, assess current issues related to surety in Louisiana, and discuss surety and surety issues with outside organizations.


  • Help Membership in issues that relate to Corporate Suretyship.
  • Hold Quarterly Meetings that help keep our membership informed.
  • Encourage Sound Underwriting.
  • Provide & Exchange Information among members.
  • Networking Opportunities.
Eric Stevens

Eric Stevens



Jim Brashier, Jr.

Jim Brashier, Jr.

Vice President


Jordan Montz

Jordan Montz



Jessica Derenbecker

Jessica Derenbecker

Legal Affairs


Interested in Becoming a Member?

LSA is currently accepting new industry associates! The Surety Association of Louisiana by-laws declare that membership (Art. III) is for any Corporate Surety as well as any entity with interests in the surety industry with the exception of those entities that are directly performing construction work.

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